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Taking IGF 1 Supplements For Increasing Muscle Strength

Many years now people have been taking all kinds of food supplements for various reasons. For example, people who have weight problems are taking food supplements containing substances that reduce the amount of fatty acids that are absorbed from the food inside the intestines into the blood. By doing so, people can still eat their favorite foods but not put on weight or keep their current weight. There are also other supplements containing substances that use other methods of reducing the weight such as containing a hormone that reduces the appetite and so on. The other type of food supplements that is very commonly used are the supplements containing growth factors used for increasing the body muscle mass and the strength of the muscles. This is mainly used by people who are trying to build their bodies and get stronger for various reasons. The organism is producing its own factors that can do that but taking additional quantities only speeds up the process and also makes it more effective. Doing exercises while taking such supplements shows many more results than actually doing them without taking such supplements. One of the most common food supplements that are known for increasing the muscle strength is the so called IGF 1 or insulin-like growth factor 1.

Most people are taking supplements with IGF 1 that contain almost 100% only this growth factor in order to benefit the most out of it. There are many activities of this growth factor that lead to the increase of muscle strength. It helps the transport of amino acids inside the cells, including the muscle cells and building up of proteins. It is a so called catabolism inhibitor which means that it slows down to a great extent the breaking down of proteins and it stimulates the processes of building up new proteins in the cells which are called anabolism. This activity of the IGF 1 is similar to the hormone insulin. In addition to this, IGF 1 also increases the amount of glucose that is transported into the cells from the blood. Glucose is the source of energy for all cells and therefore it is extremely important for the muscle strength during the work outs and afterwards. This is one more thing that IGF 1 is similar to the typical insulin.

IGF 1 can be taken either under the form of pills or by being injected in the body. The first option is the safest one even though the food supplement pills can contain other substances that the body may need such as vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and more. This means that they are not pure IGF 1. This is why people who want to receive the purest possible IGF 1 decide to go with the injections but it is highly recommended to purchase such injections only from sources that are trustworthy knowing that you truly receive pure IGF 1 and not something else that you will be injecting into your body.