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ERP Assessment – How to Assess an ERP Solution

Choosing an ERP management solution calls for an ERP assessment. This will determine the kind of solution you are going to use in your business since the system itself comes with various functions. It will be up to the business owner how the system will come out. Choose the wrong solution, and it can mean the end of your business. A lot of businesses failed due to the wrong ERP assessment they made. The key here is proper preparation, as suggested by the IT solutions and ERP service provider Pemeco. Here are basic steps on how to implement the right ERP solution.

Create a business case

What has driven you to find a solution for your company? Define the objectives, and your business needs as this will give you a clearer image on what has made you decide to go for implementation of an ERP system. You should also think about what the ROI is going to be. This is the most difficult step, but it is important that you can answer all of these as this will be the basis for your ERP solution.

Motivate executive support

The process of implementing ERP must be seen as business transformation initiative. Avoid thinking about it as a technology project. The software can be flexible that it can be designed according to the one using it. Everyone is expected to support the project and must stay involved with its implementation.

Get a dedicated team

You need to figure out who in the company desires and possess the capabilities that will dedicate a full time into the completion of the ERP assessment and the project itself. Choose individuals from your existing departments such as from finance, marketing, logistics, etc., so that you get different viewpoints. Give them resources that will cover up their daily responsibilities, thus giving them the time in working on the project.

Align strategy and vision

Every business requires the strategy and vision. Both must be aligned as well. Moreover, the processes in your business should also reflect the strategy. The best ERP solution must possess a critical functionality that will allow such processes to operate.

Expound the project methodology

Include in the methodology a timeline which will clearly outline the responsibilities. It is significant that you plan out the phases rather than do it in a single approach.

Implement the change management

This is one of the areas in business most overlooked, yet critical for its success. There are different areas in the organization that requires change management and everything is important for consideration. This starts from the business processing improvement and management to the optimization and measurement of the ERP performance.

Develop the metrics

You will put your plans at risk if you can’t create the metrics, especially when you are looking for results of the ERP solution. Make sure you create a couple of measurable goals, whether this is inventory costs or retail sales, in every department and level in the organization. Keep note that everything can be measured in an ERP assessment.