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A Guide to Healthy Baby Teeth

 When we are still young we don’t usually mind about our teeth, so when we are having our own child we want to protect their teeth. But some are asking how we can protect it from decaying. Also, everyone must know that when we are young going to adulthood every tooth we have will definitely change over time. Did they say that with proper toothpaste is enough but does it really enough? Later, we will discuss how we can protect our dientes de leche.

Baby teeth or primary teeth are the first stages of developing baby teeth and start at 6-9 months.  When the baby is nearing to have a tooth the symptoms start very painfully and annoying. The symptoms may result to the following;

  • Uncontrollable desire to bite
  • Drooling more than usual
  • Irritability which is the result of sore gums
  • Increase pain and decrease appetite.

The temporary teeth of our child are used for prepare food for digestion and assimilation, guide eruption to hold space for permanent dentition, increase the growth of the jaws chewing and phonation or the utterance of speech sounds.

Here are some ways of how we can protect our child baby teeth without the use of toothpaste/brush;

  • At first, we need to use a piece of clean gauze that is wrapped at our finger and rub it at their tooth.
  • Clean it twice a day, first in the morning and the second is before bed.
  • Only offer milk and boiled water for the drinks of your baby.
  • Avoid foods or drinks that are lots of sugar. This may cause tooth decay.
  • When the child reaches 1 year make sure to teach them how to drink in a glass or bottle.
  • Provide your baby with healthy foods to make a balanced diet.
  • If the baby will eat or drink prepared foods, look for its content, this should be sugar-free and no sweetener.

Also, if the baby needs to take a medicine, choose sugar-free versions (Consult first before taken an action, this is a need to be taken care of a dentist).

If you we’re using a toothpaste. A little amount of paste will be fine. Guard your child to not lick a toothpaste tube and choose toothpaste that doesn’t have a flavor so your child will know that toothpaste isn’t a food.

This will help us to avoid tooth decay. Tooth decay means the destruction of the tooth. The causes of tooth decay are; exposed teeth longer on foods such as sugar which form a bacterium on their mouth. To prevent tooth decay parents should know how to take good care of the oral health, never expose your child to bed with a bottle and lastly make an appointment with your dentist.

All the things are possible if we learn how to prevent it properly.  As soon as possible if our babies already have teeth, as stated above prepare him/her to always visit a dentist, in this way we can save money in the future.