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Extremely Easy Packing Tips You’ll Definitely Need This Holiday Season

The Holidays are here and you know what that means, traveling back to our loved to spend a toasty and warm Christmas with them and celebrate the New Year even! It could also mean going tropical for some as the dreary cold winter is too much to bear for them.

But wherever you’ll be celebrating Christmas is usually mean lugging and dragging your luggage to countless of checkpoints in the airport, getting shoved by the cab driver in the trunk and many more situations where your luggage takes a beating. And what’s worst is the unbearable and truly embarrassing scene where the contents of your luggage just explode and your underwear lays on the floor and all eyes are on you.

Also, add the worry of having extra charges because of excess baggage. Yep, traveling can be a headache which makes us stopped and think why pack our bags anyway?   But don’t worry, we got your covered, armed with the packing tips below we’ll make sure your maletas de viaje baratas can actually withstand any sticky travel situation.

For The Love of God, Roll Don’t Fold!

This has been said time and time again and it really pays that you listen and actually follow this advice. Rolling your clothes would give you that much-needed space to put more stuff in your bag plus it protects it from creases and preserves it longer to survive long-haul flights! But roll with caution, there are chances that you have clothes that are made out of delicate fabric it’s better to roll them and cover in plastic bags to they stay protected.

The trick here is to roll items that are heavy like denim jeans; leather pants first then stack the rolled lightweight items like crew cotton shirts on top of the heavy garments. Another pro tip put accessories, socks and even underwear on the insides of your shoes to save even more space and to make sure you’ll find them and would not drown in a sea of your precious clothes.

Protect Your Back From Backpacking Pains!

You might not be bringing a luggage or you just decided to backpack during the Holiday season you will be a victim of severe back pains if you don’t follow the weight hierarchy. You see donning a travel backpack simply means you would be relying more on your body (rather than wheels) to carry your load.

Yes, it might be flexible but it takes a toll on your body because you would be walking all day while carrying something heavy, hence both the lower and upper extremities are prone to exhaustion and when you’re exhausted you’ll not enjoy your trip.

The rule of effective packing for a backpacking trip is to make it balanced and centered which means the heaviest items should be close to your body and directly at you back (this also acts as a support). Medium-weight items like pants and jackets should surround the heavy items as it also provides structure to the backpack making it less frumpy looking and put the lightweight items at the bottom.

Make sure they are packed densely to make sure that the heavy items above would not squish them.



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