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Dressing 101: 3 Body Types and the Right Clothes You Should Wear

When it comes to dressing up, the most people who are more conscious about this are women. Whether you admit it or not, women are very careful about choosing the right dress to wear in school, in church, in malls, in hangouts and movie dates or even in out of town trips. Generally, women are the ones that take more time in front of the mirror while they try on their clothes for the day. Most women tend to take a lot of their clothes from their wardrobe to try them on one by one until they found the perfect clothes to wear. They are the kind of people who are not the familiar with their body types or the kind of occasion their clothes should fit. However, there are also some women who already know the right clothes to pick at the right occasion once they open their wardrobe. They move fast because they are already sure of their choice even without spending so much time trying them out.

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To dress up in any occasions, you should know first the kind of body shape you have. Here are the body shapes that you should know and the right clothes to wear:

  • The wedge body shape

This body shape looks like an inverted triangle with a broad chest and wide shoulders. Narrow hips and narrow waist are also a part of this body type. The best asset of women with this kind of body is their legs and the best fashion aim for them is to emphasize their lower body while they soften their shoulders and their upper body.


  • The rectangle body shape

This body shape has their hip, waist, and shoulder widths in similar size. Their legs and arms are their best assets. Their fashion style should make them look slender in legs and arms as well as have body curves.


  • The pear body shape

Pear-shaped bodies have a lower body that is wider that their upper body. Their waist is well-shaped and their bottom is rounded. Their torso and shoulders are their assets. If you have this body shape, you should wear clothes that can accentuate your arms and waist. Clothes that can add volume to your upper body and shoulders are also great.



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