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Top 5 Commandments of Women with Curly Hair

Besides the face, what do you think is women’s weakness? If your answer is hair, you are 95% correct. In fact, besides the face, majority of women today are focusing their attention on their hair. Some are born with a straight hair and others are given a super curly hair. Whatever type of hair they have, they are trying to keep them healthy and strong. A hair well-taken care for can enhance women’s appearance on a whole new level.

Besides enhancing their appearance, a gorgeous looking hair can improve anyone’s self-esteem, making them really confident in facing and conversing with other people. But, among all the hair types, women with curly hair find it really hair caring really frustrating.

We understand their side, because once their hair dried out, it has a tendency to go out of control and get really frizzy. That is why compared to women with straight, curly hair women use more productos pelo rizado in managing their hair.

Besides the productos pelo rizado, most of curly hair women abide with these commandments to keep their hair healthy and manageable.

Commandment #1 Small amount or No shampoo at all will do.

When it comes to washing curly hair, going for a 100% Sulfate – free shampoo is advised. Traditional shampoo is made with Sodium Lauryl Sulfate which is found to be too harsh on curly hair. That could result in hair dryness and frizziness. If they do not have a sulfate free shampoo they should not wash their curly hair with shampoo no more.

Commandment #2 Curly hair should always be conditioned.

Naturally, the curlier the hair, the harder it is for the natural oils to travel from the scalp up to the hair tip. As a result, the lower part of the hair appears to be drier and wearier. To change this, they should start adding moisture as they shower. With a use of conditioner, they can protect their hair from dehydration. They just need to find the right productos pelo rizado with the right formula.

Commandment #3 Curly hairs should be styles once its soaking wet.

In using productos pelo rizado, they should apply it before they even stepped out of their showers. Applying of productos pelo rizado using the fingers through the roots at the end of the tips can ensure that the hair absorbs the applied product completely.

Commandment #4 Avoid using products with too much alcohol level.

In choosing productos pelo rizado, they should avoid those with high alcohol levels because it causes the hair to be crunchy for it stuck up every bit of moisture in the hair follicles. Among all the hair products, hair sprays are said to have the highest level of alcohol.

Commandment #5 Please leave the hair alone.

Compared to straight hair, curly hair should not be manhandled. Because holding the hair too much can ruffle the hair cuticle that creates frizz. To achieve great looking curls, they should leave their hair alone and they should also stop rubbing their damp hair with a cloth towel.




Indulge in the Beauty of having Curly Hair

productos pelo rizado

The majority of women have straight and shiny hair but not all is provided with that type of hair. The other have is given a curly hair. Some of them see it as their nightmare and others as a blessing but like straight hair curly hairs can be improved if they only know how to take good care of them.

Caring for curly hair requires curly individuals to use the right productos pelo rizado for their hair type. To make things simple, we took the privilege of breaking the process down into 5 easy steps which are washing, conditioning, styling, drying and the finishing.

Step #1- The Hair Washing

Unlike straight hairs, curly hairs are susceptible to harsh shampoos that are present in the market. So they must choose a shampoo with a PH level of 4 to 5.5 to ensure that the hair will not suffer from damage cause by the shampoo. Hair shampooing for curly hair is important because it will wash away dust, dirt and even natural oils.

Step#2 – The Hair Conditioning

Conditioners are important for curly hairs because it can add moisture to the curls that would block hair cuticle and as a result a shiny and softer hair. If curly hair individual fail to use conditioner it will result to dull, lifeless and oily hair. For loose curly hair, they should apply less conditioner because conditioners weigh down loose wavy hair while tight curly hair should use more concentrated conditioners more often so that they can easily manage their hair.

Step#3 – The Hair Styling

In styling curly hair, they would be needing productos pelo rizado to help them manage their curls. As they choose the perfect product, they are subjected to use as much product as they need without having to experience a sticky and greasy hair. As they style their hair, they should remember that massive group of hair needed in forming a curl would result to lose curls. To achieve this, each curl should be rotated 2-3 times to ensure that it would form a defined ringlet.

Step#4 – The Hair Drying

For curly hair, they should let their hair dry naturally because this is the most effective way of achieving a frizz free style hair. To speed up the drying time, they have to diffuse it and move it more so that their hair will be dried without having too much frizz. For an extra bouncy hair, they should try hanging their head over while drying it with a use of diffuser.

Step#5 – The Finishing

According to experts movements can create hair volume, so they better start creating movements by shaking their hair or playing with it as soon as they attain the perfect curl formation for an end product of frizzy and soft curly hair.

Now that we have shared these five easy steps, it is up to them if they are going to try it out or they are already satisfied with the way their curly hair looks. Just remember, no matter what hair type or color we have we can enhance its beauty by taking care of it and by using productos pelo rizado just right for it.