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5 Things That every Girl Should Consider When Choosing a Party Dress

With every special occasion, we attend to lies the need to dress up accordingly.  While one can certainly find something just for her, the task of doing it may seem unlikely.  There are a lot of dress styles and choices that are available online and at the local stores.

So, if you’re up to finding one for a very special occasion you’ll be attending to, here are some guidelines to follow:

  • Dress Code

How formal will the party be?  The kind of party that you will be attending is of utmost importance.  While men have just a few choices, women have a lot of choices when it comes to dresses.  But there are still some basic rules we need to set in our minds in determining the formality of any dress.  First, you’ll need to choose from knee-length or floor-length dresses.

If you are attending a very formal gathering, the cue is to go with the floor-length ones.  On the other hand, if it’s for a casual party, then you can go with knee-length dresses.

  • Dress style and body shape

As most women have varied body shape, one may need to choose a dress that will definitely accentuate your best features.  Most girls typically choose the wrong style that leaves them uncomfortable with what they are wearing.  There are actually five basic body shapes.

First, the pear-shaped figures will be more accentuated if you go with A-line dresses, boat neck dresses, cowl necklines and square necklines.  Strapless dresses also look flattering on this body shape.  Second, hourglass figures may need to wear wrapped dresses, A-line dresses or high waist styles.  Third, girls with rectangle figures need to create curves that is why it is advised for them to wear sweetheart-necked dresses and scoop necks.

While girls with apple figures will need to go with empire waist dresses and short dresses that draw attention to the lower part of the body.  Last but not the least is the wedge figure or inverted triangle.  This body shape needs to hide their broad shoulders so it is recommended for them to wear empire waist dresses as well as full skirts to accentuate the lower part of the body.

  • Cost and Versatility

When you are buying anything, it is just right that you consider what your budget is.  But when versatility is at stake, you’d better think twice first before buying out any dress.  If you are on a tight budget, you shouldn’t go with low-quality ones.

It is imperative to choose a high-quality one like Nati Jimenez with a neutral color like black because you’ll be repeating it a couple of occasions and there’s a less chance that someone will notice you’ve repeated it.  It is also helpful if you pair it with different accessories to add variation to the outfit.

These are just three of the most important factors every girl should take into account in selecting the right party dress.  Do you have some insights about how you managed to select a party dress?  Share it.  Surely, every girl out there would love to hear from you.

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